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Even stock cars!  The famous young driver could represent Brazil in Europe

Even stock cars! The famous young driver could represent Brazil in Europe

Photo: reproduction / personal archive

Soon, Andre Moraes Jr., who discovered his talent for karting in his early teens, was invited to make his debut on the big tracks, in professional races, at just 15 years old. It was then, in 2016, that he lifted his first trophy in the lighting class of the São Paulo Formula 1600 Championship.

The miracle driver is one of the big bets of 2023 in international motorsports. One of the main goals of the youngster, which has been studied with the team itself, is to invite him to compete in the European GT4 Championship this year and bring the trophy to Brazil.

The driver’s gratitude for the successful path he has followed in motorsport is already accumulating.

“Like every good boy, I have always dreamed of being in classes as big as the ones I am a part of. As they say, dreaming big or small requires the same work, but I can say that the Boy of 2017, who is only 17 years old, is a Vice Champion Challenger.” Mercedes-Benz, I never imagined the role I would have, given my relatively short time, 5 years.Today, practically ‘on the other side.’ In the past, on race weekends when I’m there are visits, I’d queue to take pictures with the pilots I liked the stop and even start, nowadays I still do all of that, but in a way I always dreamed of,” she celebrates.

“Most consider Senna to be their undisputed idol, however, since I haven’t been able to watch or witness any of his races (he wasn’t born to the top of motorsports), I can say that I am a huge fan of him and I admire the way he has managed to take motorsports to everyone. So much so that there’s a national buzz on racing days. So, I can say I’m a huge Ayrton Senna fan, but one person I watched back then and still watch today is Rubens Barrichello. I admire the career he spent in Formula 1 and his continued competitiveness At a high level”, he considers, about the possible inspiration for representing the country in Europe.

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For this year, there are also possibilities for the pilot to contest the Stock Car, in the US. All projects are still under study.