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European team from "Grupo City" strikers sign Corinthians striker

European team from “Grupo City” strikers sign Corinthians striker

One of the main names for the Corinthians Under-20 team could be on his way out. That’s because Belgium’s second division Lommel SK sent striker Kauyi’s signature.

According to the calculation rudder, a meeting between Corinthians and the player’s fatigue took place on Thursday in Parque São Jorge. In it, the two sides referred negotiations and Cauê could leave the Alvinegro club in the coming days.

The European team is one of 11 clubs belonging to the City Football Group, which owns several clubs around the world, including Manchester City. The group uses Lommel, in theory, to draw young talent that could yield good deals in the future.

In conversations with people close to the player, there is an understanding, for a time, that Cauê will not be joining the Corinthians after his contract expires – valid only until March next year. This is due to the amount that Parque São Jorge club will have to pay to continue the striker: 2 million Brazilian Real. In addition to Lommel, from Belgium, clubs from the United States and Qatar, as well as a team from the Brazilian First Division, have already shown interest in the appointment of the striker.

Due to potential negotiations, the possibility that Kawi will play in the next São Paulo Junior Cup, which will take place in January, is virtually non-existent. In addition, Rodrigo Varanda, also a striker, has returned to Corinthians to play in the tournament.

The striker has been loaned to Corinthians along with Novorzontino. The club president from the interior of Sao Paulo explained the negotiations for rudder.

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