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Estrela must remove toys like 'Detective' and 'Jogo da Vida' from shelves, TJ-SP - Country decides

Estrela must remove toys like ‘Detective’ and ‘Jogo da Vida’ from shelves, TJ-SP – Country decides

To maintain the decision of the Court of First Instance of July 2019, the Court of Justice of São Paulo (TJ-SP) decided that the Brazilian manufacturer star Remove from several shelves Kids Games With the industrial property records of the American company Hasbro. information from st 1.

Game of Life, Super Batter, Dr Treat Teeth, Genius, Detective, Face to Face and Combat are Hasbro owned products. However, it has not received the amounts owed by Estrela since March 2008, when the licensing agreement between the two companies was terminated.

In addition to returning the property to Hasbro and removing the products from the shelves, Judge Rui Cascaldi, of TJ-SP, ordered Estrela to destroy the stock of these toys, which are bestsellers in Brazil.

Game of Life is among the products involved in the legal dispute between Hasbro and Estrela


unpaid debts

According to the process, the religion Da Estrela with Hasbro already surpasses, in total, a house 64 million Brazilian realsIn view of the non-payment of royalties stipulated in an agreement signed between the two companies in 2003. Therefore, both started legal battle.

no moment, The process is in the implementation phase and settlement, in which the amounts to be paid are discussed.

Ignore the legal personality

Estrela argues that he may not be able to bear any costs for this operation and attorney fees if you miss a decision in the future.

Hasbro, in turn, agrees that Estrela will not be able to pay the compensation it has ordered.

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Therefore, he asked the court to disregard Estrella’s legal personality, so that the assets of the company’s subsidiaries, partners and directors could be used to pay for the loss.

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