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Erika, Liziane, Nego do Borel and Solange in the first Roça TV News

Erika, Liziane, Nego do Borel and Solange in the first Roça TV News

Erica Schneider, Lesian Gutierrez, Nego de Borel and Solange Gomez at All Roca De Farm 2021. The Quartet was formed in the early hours of Wednesday (22) during the live program led by Adriane Galisteu. Who would you like to be on the reality show on Record? Vote in the poll at the end of this text.

The voting dynamics started with choosing the powers of the lamp. Arcrebian de Araújo, Fire Trial ChampionAnd in his hands are two patches: one yellow and one red. Choosing the lighter color, he can choose between an immunity or a prize of R$10,000. He took the jackpot from the money, but handed over the second power to Victor Pecoraro.

The actor, in turn, was able to exchange two residents of the bay for two members of the headquarters. He replaced Diane Melo and Lysian with Solange and Nego de Borrell.

Then Gui Araujo, farmer of the week, nominated Nego do Borel for the first bank in Roça. “My decision today is entirely based on events at home. The person I’m going to nominate, has had many situations that I don’t agree with, and that destabilizing people close to me,” he justifies Ex-boyfriend Anita.

“I’ve been waiting since the first day I took the farmer’s hat, but I think that no matter what, if I leave or stay here, I’ll leave with a good heart and a good head. I’ll lose being who I am,” funkeiro reacted.

After the influencer’s vote, Galisteu began voting among the program participants. Diane and Lisian were the most targeted with four votes each. As a farmer, Bill broke his tie and sent Lizzie to the hot seat. Then she had to drag an occupant from the stall to Rocca and chose Solange.

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The former Banheira do Gugu started the remaining seat, the dynamic to choose the fourth roceiro from the first hot seat. After being wiped out by the participants, Erica is left behind, ends up in the danger zone and intercepts Nego do Borel from the farmer’s next competition.

Check out the sounds of the night

  • Mailaye Mihaly voted for Lesian Gutierrez
  • Thiago Piccolo voted for Erica Schneider
  • Valentina Francavilla voted for Arribano de Araujo
  • Nego do Borel voted for Fernanda Medrado
  • Arcrebiano de Araújo voted for Valentina Francavilla
  • Solange Gomes voted for Arcrebiano de Araújo
  • Marina Ferrari voted for Lesian Gutierrez
  • Rico Melquiades voted for Fernanda Medrado
  • Tate Cuibra Barako voted for Erasmo Viana
  • Mosonzinho voted for Diane Melo
  • Diane Melo’s voice for Mosonzinho
  • Erasmo Viana voted for Tate Kuibra Baracu
  • MC Gui voted for Dayane Mello
  • Lisiane Gutierrez voted for Milaydi Mihaely
  • Fernanda Medrado voted for Rico Melquiades
  • Erica Schneider voted for Lesian Gutierrez
  • Dynho Alves voted for Dayane Mello
  • Ellen Mineiro voted for Dinho Alves
  • Stefane Matos voted for Lesian Gutierrez
  • Victor Pecoraro voted for Diane Melo
  • Nego do Borel voted for Fernanda Medrado