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Epic Games releases 17 free games for Christmas promotion!  See menu and refund

Epic Games releases 17 free games for Christmas promotion! See menu and refund

a The Epic Games Store will give away 17 free PC games this holiday season. During the store’s Christmas promotion. The company’s big Christmas promotional action has been running for a few years now, and in 2022 it handed out 15 free games.

Information about nearly twenty free titles has been revealed by popular leaker billbil_kun. It has gained notoriety in recent years because month after month it picks which games will be available on services like PS Plus and Game Pass.

Below, you can see all the games that Epic Games releases for free every day, in a list that will be updated daily with new games.

Free games every day on the Epic Games Store: see the list

Free games from the Epic Games Store are available for Christmas promotion every day starting at noon. In other words, you only have 24 hours to redeem the game, and it’s available for free. Check out today’s game and previous titles available for free below.

DNF Duel – 12/20

Free fighting game on the Epic Store

The free game for Wednesday (20) is DNF Duel, a fighting title that launched last year. Developed by Arc System Works studio, Nexon Productions features beautiful 2D graphics.

The game can be redeemed until noon on Thursday, December 21 via The official page of the Epic Games Store. You can find more details and full requirements to play the game here.

Destiny 2: Classics Collection – 12/13

Destiny 2Destiny 2 expansions are being offered for free by the Epic Games Store (Image: Reproduction/Epic Games Store)

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The first game on the list was made available for download on December 13. Introducing the Epic Games Store Destiny 2: Classics Collectionthe version that includes campaigns The Witch Queen, Beyond the Light that it Save the shadow.

In the pack, players have access to 37 weapons and 15 exotic armor, as well as the power of stasis.

When will the next free games be released on the Epic Games Store?

Since the leak suggests that 17 games will be released for free, the trend is for titles to arrive daily until the end of 2023. Check out the calendar below.

1. December 13 – Destiny 2: Classic Collection
2. December 20 – DNF Duel
3. December 21
4. December 22
5. December 23
6. December 24
7. December 25
8. December 26
9. December 27
10. December 28
11. December 29
12. 30 December
13. December 31
14. January 1st
15. January 2
16. January 3
17. January 4

Despite information that the Epic Games Store will offer 17 free games at the end of the year, the leaker did not reveal the names of the titles. So the idea is to stay up to date with rumors and Voxel news so you don’t miss the latest news!

So, will you take advantage of the free games available on the Epic Games Store?