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Entrepreneurship is a way to generate income and employment

Entrepreneurship is a way to generate income and employment

XP founder and CEO, Guilherme Benchimol, stated that the way to generate more income and employment in Brazil is with more entrepreneurs. Benchimol participates in Expert XP, an event organized by the XP Group that takes place today and tomorrow at the São Paulo Expo, an event center in São Paulo.

“There are 23 million entrepreneurs in Brazil, employing 50 million Brazilians. If we want to create jobs and income, there is no other way, it is to build more entrepreneurs. They will compete with each other, generate deflation, innovation, tax collection, and with this, The country is getting better,” says Benchimul.

For him, Brazilians cannot be “victims”.

“We have a lot of ills in Brazil, but we can’t be victims. We have to be excellent [para buscar transformação]”, He says.

Employees can work from anywhere

Today, XP CEO Thiago Mafra says the company operates using an “office anywhere” model, which means that the company’s professionals can work from anywhere.

“Half of the 6,500 XP employees no longer live in the state of São Paulo, they are scattered all over Brazil. Thus, we have access to an increasingly qualified workforce that is not in the southeast axis,” he says.

The XP expert It has been held annually since 2011. This year, the event takes place at the São Paulo Expo, in São Paulo, after two virtual editions due to the pandemic. The event is expected to welcome 15,000 people per day.