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Enhanced Breakfast Helps You Lose Weight: A Myth or Reality?

Enhanced Breakfast Helps You Lose Weight: A Myth or Reality?

A study published in the scientific journal Cell Metabolism has raised some information about the relationship between Meal times Reducing body mass and fat. We chose 30 people up to age 50, divided into groups that got the most calories in the morning or evening.

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Although the results showed little difference, the behavioral reports help understand the importance of breakfast.

subtle difference

People who consumed 45% of their daily calories in the morning were able to lose 3.33 kg, while volunteers on the nighttime diet lost 3.38 kg. This small difference did not reveal many observations, however, it must be taken into account that the study was not carried out in an isolated way in the laboratory, because the recruits were free in their homes, which partially affected the confidence in the research.

behavioral advantages

Assuming the need for further analysis, the analysis shows that in the long run, a concentration of calorie consumption in the early hours of the day is beneficial. Reports of those who took part in the morning tests reveal less desire to eat outside meals throughout the day. In this way, the file breakfast It helps in weight loss by providing satiety.

Disease prevention

Avoiding weight gain, in a way, works to prevent cardiovascular disease, diabetic Type 2 and other serious medical conditions. External factors are just as important as genetic factors and need to be monitored. When you eat breakfast properly, and choose foods that provide the necessary nutrients, the nutritional compulsion associated with difficulty losing weight ends up being reduced.

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Skipping meals creates emotional imbalances and causes your body to store fat, while losing energy. A tired person acts on impulsiveness and is likely to make poor food choices, choosing junk food and items that provide emotional comfort and not necessarily nutritional content.