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HMS Spey, navio britânico

England to send two warships in the Asian seas

HMS Spa, British Ship
Photo: Breeding / Royal Navy UK

The United Kingdom said on Tuesday it would permanently allocate two warships in the Asian Sea. Queen Elizabeth II, who is competing with China to influence the United States and Japan, will fly to the Sea of ​​Japan in September.

London’s deepening security ties with Tokyo have led to plans for an aircraft carrier, which has in recent months expressed growing concern over China’s regional aspirations in the region, particularly with Taiwan.

“Following the arrival of the aircraft, the UK will permanently deploy two ships in the region by the end of this year,” British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said in a joint statement with Minister Nobu Kishi in Tokyo.

Japan, a close ally of the United States, has a large U.S. military presence outside the United States, including ships, aircraft and thousands of submarines.

Upon arrival in Japan, Kishi said, Queen Elizabeth and her submarines would disembark for separate calls at US ports and naval bases across the Japanese archipelago.

British ships will not have a permanent base, a spokesman for the UK embassy in Tokyo said when asked where the Royal Navy would operate.

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