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Emilio Surreta breaks silence about his health

Emilio Surreta breaks silence about his health

Emílio Surita, 61, has returned to Pânico, in Jovem Pan, after speculation about his health. Without mentioning the reason for his hospitalization, which has removed him from gravity in recent days, the presenter said that he was “perfect” and would undergo treatment.

“I had a health problem, practically recovered, and then dada [Odair del Pozzo, jornalista] Send the news when you’re already out. […] I’m fine, I’m calm, I’m going to do all the therapy, but I’m perfect. Good exams, everything went well, “said Emilio at the start of today’s program (17).

Emilio did not specifically talk about the information that he had bowel cancer, which del Pozo provided on his social networks. The journalist denied, however, that the information he reported was “exaggerated”. “I don’t know if it’s an exaggeration. News is news,” he said.

He said he returned to the show today to “please” the audience. “In life, we only owe satisfaction to the people we love, our family, our friends, and especially our fans,” he said. Emílio also stated that he did not want to worry the viewers.

The other presenters of the show were happy to talk about Emílio’s return to the programme. They further stated that it was “disrespectful” and “bad tone” to spread the news.

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