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Emergency assistance: will those admitted to the Bolsa Família be eligible?

Emergency assistance: will those admitted to the Bolsa Família be eligible?

Beneficiaries of family allowance Request for inclusion in the payroll Band aid. With the calendar release of the fifth batch of the voucher, new BF subscribers are asking to go into the emergency program extension.

The Citizenship Department has launched emergency aid installments since April. Therefore, policyholders who were already part of the social program were included in the benefits as well as in their extension.

However, those who entered family allowance Lately it should not be covered by emergency aid tranches. This is because only citizens who already received benefits in 2020 are accepted into the 2021 programme. Therefore, new applications will not be submitted to the Bolsa Família.

Emergency Aid Calculation for Bolsa Familia

To find out how much you will get for Band aid, the Bolsa Família beneficiary will have to add the value of his bonuses to the group amount that fits the emergency program.

Thus, if the monthly fee received from the BF is R$160, and the citizen meets the eligibility criteria for group 2 of the assistance – families with more than one member – he will receive a difference of R$90, for a total salary of R$250, for example .

Amounts of emergency aid 2021

The value of emergency allowances this year varies according to the family’s composition, being:

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  • R$150 – Families for one person only;
  • R$ 250 – families with more than one person;
  • 375 BRL – Single-parent families headed by single mothers;

I have been accepted into Bolsa Família, will I be able to access the extension?

The answer is no. Despite being a BF beneficiary, the criteria for granting emergency aid requires that the citizen have participated in the previous round of the program, which was held in 2020.

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In this way, the beneficiary will receive only the amount of benefits provided by the Social Income Distribution Program, according to his status.

The value of Bolsa Família in 2021

Social program issued benefit by family profile, see below:

  • Basic benefit – for families living in extreme poverty: R$89 per month;
  • Variable benefit – available to poor or extremely poor families with pregnant women, nursing mothers (breastfeeding mothers), children and adolescents from 0 to 15 years old: R$41 per month, each family can collect up to 5 benefits, up to R$205;
  • Variable Youth Allowance – given to families living in poverty or extreme poverty and including teens aged 16-17: R$48 per month, each family can pool up to two benefits, R$96; And
  • The Benefit of Overcoming Extreme Poverty – for families living in extreme poverty. Each family can receive one benefit per month: the amount is calculated based on the family’s income.

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