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Emergency aid: Bolsonaro says repayment can be maintained in 2022

Emergency aid: Bolsonaro says repayment can be maintained in 2022

Pay Band aid It may be extended until 2022. The President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, made a statement last week about the possibility of paying the benefit over the next year. According to his statement, the proposal is under discussion by the economic team and will depend on the permanence of the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

Initially, the head of the executive branch did not support the launch of a new round of the crown, however, with a reduction of almost 50% in the amount of tuition and the population served, the project was awarded.

Over time, Bolsonaro was in favor of the project and even its continuation in 2022. According to him, the topic has been studied by his team and will be preserved if necessary.

Bolsonaro tends towards the poorest of the population

Looking at the 2022 elections, the incumbent President of the Republic has been tilting his agenda towards actions targeting the country’s most vulnerable population. In addition to the announcement of the rework family allowanceNow the executive branch supports the continuation of emergency aid.

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In the last year alone, we spent about R$300 billion on emergency aid. This equates to more than 10 years of Bolsa Família. This year, we’ve provided four more months of help. Hopefully, with the vaccine over and the pandemic problem waning, this won’t be necessary. “If it continues, we will keep emergency aid,” the president said, in an interview with Rádio Rock, in São Paulo.

Also, Bolsonaro explained that before considering a new grant to aid, he was planning to enable a reformulation family allowance. The new social program should add R$30 billion to its traditional budget, aiming to serve about 17 million families.

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“The economy is back now. In June, more than 309 thousand jobs were created. The formal economy is doing well, but the informal economy is not yet. But on the issue of emergency aid and the Bolsa Família, we really have to think about it. He noted that spending or get into debt, which is the more correct word, to serve the neediest people until the economy returns to normal.”

According to the federal government’s agenda, the new Bolsa Família will be implemented from November of this year. If this is not the case, then there is a high probability of progress, because in the election year, by law, any action involving the launch of government projects is prohibited.

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