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Emergency Aid 2021: Caixa pays the first payment to those born in May;  See calendars  first aid

Emergency Aid: Bolsa Família beneficiaries start receiving the second payment; See calendars first aid

This Tuesday, they will be receiving too Workers born in February not part of Bolsa.

For the first set, the payments will be made in the same way as Bolsa. For the second group – registered via the app, website and public in Cadastro Único – this Tuesday paid assistance will be added to the Caixa digital social savings account, which could be Initially used to pay bills and purchases with the virtual card. Withdrawals and transfers to those who receive credit will be released on Sunday the first of June (See calendars below).

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Find out who receives this day:

  • Bolsa Família beneficiaries with Final 1 NIS
  • Cadastro Único workers and registered via the website and the app, He was born in February

Payment calendars

See the payment schedules below.

Beneficiaries of the family bag

2021 Bolsa Família emergency aid – Photo: G1 Economy

Beneficiaries outside the family portfolio

Emergency Assistance Calendar – App and Website Subscribers – 13.5.21 – Photo: G1 Economy

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