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Emergency Aid 2021: Caixa pays the first payment to those born in May;  See calendars  first aid

Emergency Aid 2021: Caixa pays the first installment to people born in July who benefit from the Bolsa Família with the last 3 shekels | first aid

Caixa Econômica Federal will pay, on Tuesday (20), the first payment of first aid 2021 for two more groups of workers. Those who receive this time are the recipients who are part of Family allowance Whose number ends at 3 shekels. This Tuesday also welcomes workers who are not part of Bolsa and with Birthday in July.

According to the Ministry of Citizenship, 10 million Bolsa Família beneficiaries will receive emergency aid in April – totaling R $ 2.98 billion. More than 50% of this audience (5.098 million people) are housewives, and they will each receive R $ 375. R $ 3.34 million will receive R $ 250 in installments, while R $ 1.56 million will receive R $ 150 in installments.

The first installment payments of the benefit to all masses continue until the end of April (See calendars below).

How will the payments be

For workers who are part of the Bolsa Família, the aid deposited on Tuesday will be paid in the same way as the original benefit.

For others, the paid assistance will be added to Caixa’s digital social savings account, which can initially be used to pay bills and make purchases with the virtual card. Withdrawals and transfers to those who receive credit will be released this Tuesday May 10 (See calendars below).

Emergency Aid 2021: Understand the rules of the new round

Find out who receives this day:

Workers can view the status of entitlement through the emergency assistance application, website auxilio.caixa.gov.br Or when https://consultaauxilio.cidadania.gov.br/

Bolsa Família members who believe they meet the criteria set by the 2021 Emergency Aid Act and were not included in April It can make the challenge out on Friday (16), No Datapriv Consulting Portal. The competition period for this audience lasts until May 1.

Payment calendars

See the payment schedules below.

Beneficiaries of the family bag

2021 Bolsa Família emergency aid – Photo: G1 Economy

Beneficiaries outside the family portfolio

Emergency Aid 2021 – a calendar for workers outside the Bolsa Família – Photo: Economy G1

The return of new emergency aid will affect the poverty rate

The return of new emergency aid will affect the poverty rate

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