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Embraer's Eve confirms agreement to sell 100 more "flying cars" by 2026

Embraer’s Eve confirms agreement to sell 100 more “flying cars” by 2026

SÃO PAULO – Eve, a subsidiary of Embraer (EMBR3), an agreement with Avantto, a Brazilian aircraft-sharing company, to sell up to 100 units of its electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicles. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in 2026. The information was confirmed to InfoMoney by Embraer’s press office, but the agreement’s values ​​were not disclosed. According to a report from Estadão, Avantto intends to use eVTOL as an air taxi in its operations.

EVE’s eVTOL commands are in full swing. A little over a week ago, the company announced Similar agreement with Bristow GroupUK, the world’s leading provider of vertical flight solutions. These negotiations also anticipate the delivery of up to 100 “flying cars” by 2026 and joint work between the two companies to develop an operating model for urban air mobility (UAM).

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The list of EVE partners has been enhanced in recent months. In July, its Embraer subsidiary UAM Partnership with FlapperIt is a private, on-demand, independent flight platform. The agreement will be a proof of concept for the future regional operations of Eve’s eVTOLs. The company expects to provide Flapper with up to 25,000 flight hours annually in major South American cities such as Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Santiago (Chile), Bogota (Colombia) and Mexico City (Mexico).

According to the company, the contract has the ability to bring up to 25 electric vertical take-off and landing (EVA) vehicles from the Eve to the Flapper platform.

A month ago, the manufacturer eVTOLs closed a deal for up to 60,000 flight hours per year com an americana Blade Air MobilityUrban Air Mobility Platform, which currently uses helicopters and amphibious aircraft.

Eve plans to make up to 60 aircraft, with its local partners, available for Blade use across the United States beginning in 2026. Blade will pay for each flight hour used on Eve’s aircraft, which will be provided by the company and third parties. Availability of Eve aircraft through the Blade network is subject to definitive agreements entered into by the companies.

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