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Elsa Storm gains hours of hurricane status before it reaches Florida |  Scientist

Elsa Storm gains hours of hurricane status before it reaches Florida | Scientist

Hurricane Elsa over the Caribbean – Photo: NOAA

According to the US National Hurricane Center (NHC), which monitors such storms, Elsa is moving north with Winds of about 120 km/h.

The phenomenon was losing strength after that through CubaOn Monday, from where he left without recording any serious damage. Hurricane Elsa’s status has been removed, but she has returned to that level after further acceleration.

Elsa Storm Road – Photo: G1 Art

The storm had already left a The trail of destruction in many Caribbean islands, with at least three deaths – one on the island of Saint Lucia and two on Dominican Republic. See the way above.

The Cuban authorities even drove 180,000 people from their homes as a precaution, due to the possibility of heavy flooding, and issued hurricane warnings.

Anxiety in Tampa, Florida

A man fishes in the sea in Tampa, Florida as Storm Elsa approaches Florida’s west coast on July 5, 2021 – Photo: Octavio Jones/Reuters

The NHC predicted that the phenomenon would touch Earth on Tuesday afternoon, which it did not. A change in the course of the hurricane occurred It even provided relief to rescue workers working to rescue people missing under the rubble of a collapsed building in the Miami area. With the change of course, the storm is expected to reach Florida from the west rather than the south.

However, residents of the US state are still preparing for the potential inconvenience caused by the hurricane. The local government fears strong winds could cause chaos in Tampa because the waters of Tampa Bay are relatively shallow – increasing the chances of strong waves hitting the city. See the video below.

Florida residents brace for Tropical Storm Elsa

Florida residents brace for Tropical Storm Elsa

Sunday night, and demoliram السلطات authorities The rest of the apartment building that partially collapsed about two weeks ago, fearing Elsa would demolish the building.

Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniela Levine told the press that first responders were “very optimistic” that they would not have to interrupt their search for survivors.

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