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Elementary teacher fired for being 'too sexy' in America

Elementary teacher fired for being ‘too sexy’ in America

Patrice Brown, 33, is an elementary school teacher in Atlanta, USA. She recently told The New York Post that she was bullied and fired by the principal for being “too sexy” for the classroom.

“The principal was having problems with my tight dresses and tight leggings,” the teacher said. In 2016, photos of Patrice wearing tight skinny jeans and leopard print shoes to class became well-known, and she quickly became known as #TeacherBae.

Patrice insisted her clothing was within the city’s “vague” teacher guidelines. However, after six years, her principal fired her because she was said to be “too attractive for the classroom”.

“I always go to work and take pictures of myself in the classroom, showing how much I love my job and looking good while teaching kids,” the teacher told the New York Post.

“Teachers are often bullied [por sua aparĂȘncia] Administration, parents, other teachers and, in higher grades, students. Teachers should not focus on what they wear. The focus should be on the children,” declared Patrice

Although saddened by his dismissal in early June, the teacher said he has not given up. She got a new job, at a different school, teaching elementary school children.

Fame and clothing collection

Despite the recent layoff, the fame brought the teacher the opportunity to explore new talents, such as the launch of a clothing collection dedicated to Patrice’s style called the Teacher Bay Collection. Tight pants, low-cut shirts with leopard prints, geometric and tribal prints, fitted skirts and dresses are some of the pieces that can be found on the website dedicated to selling online.

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The collection is segmented with workout wear called “Vamos Malhar”. good“(Exercise good), plus women’s clothing Size (Teacher Teas plus) and back to school teacher dress (back 2 school).