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Electricity bill can go up to 5.67%.  In which countries will the increase be greater?

Electricity bill can go up to 5.67%. In which countries will the increase be greater?

The House of Representatives passed a new subsidy that benefit energy distributors and Make your electric bill more expensive from consumers. The device is part of Provisional Action (MP) 1,118, whose initial focus was fuel.

After receiving adjustments from the Rapporteur, Deputy Danilo Fortes (União-CE), the initial intention of the project was changed. After an agreement with the Speaker of the House, Arthur Lyra (PP-AL), the text was approved in a record 15 hours.

Turtles included in the MP extend subsidies to catalytic sources (wind and solar energy) for 24 months, with an estimated impact of R$8.5 billion annually, according to the Association of Distributors (Abradee). While companies operating in the wind energy sector in the North and Northeast region reduce transportation costs, it is the customer who pays the bill.

Most affected countries

increase in Electricity tariff It can reach 5.67%, as in the case of Alagoas, which is precisely the electoral base of the lira. In Ceará, the mandate of the rapporteur who created the increase, the increase will be 4.1%.

In Minas Gerais, the proportion will be 4.27%, according to (the Brazilian Association of Large Energy Consumers and Free Consumers). In the North and Northeast, where the number of hydroelectric, wind and solar projects is greater, there will be a decrease rather than an increase.

Technicians understand is that customers in these areas are close to generators, so they have to pay less. On the other hand, establishing the necessary transmission lines should increase costs.

According to Aneel (National Electric Energy Agency), the new rule will cut tariffs by 2.4% for consumers in the Northeast and 0.8% for customers in the North. However, the legislative proposal reverses the regulator’s proposal and passes the increase on to consumers.

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Says Paulo Pedrosa, Head of Prop.

“It also raises the bill in other states where there is a focus of new projects, such as Minas Gerais, that have attracted solar investors,” he adds.

remove turtle

Consumer protection entities mobilize in favor of removing the provisions of the text, which are still being voted on in the Federal Senate. “We’re talking to senators and explaining the implications,” said Luiz Eduardo Baratta, president of the National Front of Energy Consumers.