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El Salvador scolds US, warns against interfering in national affairs

El Salvador’s right – wing government is in conflict with the United States

Sputnik – After US senators expressed concern about Bitcoin, Salvador’s President Naib Pukele told the United States to “stay out” of his country’s affairs.

El Salvador is a sovereign nation and not Washington’s colony, and it has no right to interfere in the decision on the adoption of bitcoin, said Naib Boukel, who responded to a bill proposed by several US senators concerned about the possibility.

“We are not your colony, your backyard or your backyard. Stay away from our internal affairs. Do not try to control something you can not control,” he said, stressing that the United States has “zero jurisdiction” in El Salvador. A sovereign and independent nation.

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El Salvador’s adoption of cryptocurrency “raises serious concerns about the economic stability and financial integrity of the Central American nation” and “has the potential to weaken US sanctions, empower China and criminal organizations,” said North Republican Jim Rish.

Earlier, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) board urged El Salvador to remove bitcoin from its legal tender status.

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The company maintains that if the country tries to get a loan from the company, Bitcoin will become a major obstacle due to the huge risks.

El Salvador legalized cryptocurrency in September last year. This decision made Salvadoran President Naib Bukele a symbol among crypto activists.

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