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Strong brunette

“Either I stopped or I panicked.”

After 28 days of not revealing her everyday beauty in videos on social networks, Gessica Kayane is back. And with everything! Since last Saturday (22), when she announced that she was recovered from burnout syndrome (extreme burnout due to work burnout), the digital influencer and actress has already shared with 14.5 million followers on Instagram a series of professional commitments. Mother on!

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– On the weekend, I got up, had coffee, read something, listened to Foro and said to myself, “Today is when Gkay is ready.” I had a feeling that my life was complete again, and that I was capable. I just needed to give this break to my body and head. I have never taken time off since I started working with the internet (five years ago). After that, they put together three charade projects, ads, personal issues, the all-in-one pestilence, other jobs … it was frustrated, down. And he’s afraid of not satisfying him anymore. I was bothered by the demands and the insecurity.

Strong brunette photo: Iude / Disclosure

In order to create himself, Paraibana relied on healing and spirituality.

Therapy has been a part of my life for four years. The sessions continued and followed the advice of the professionals: Take some time and wait for your moment. I am also very attached to God. I felt in my heart that everything was fine.

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In the secret video recording: exciting games
In Secret Video Recording: Erotic Gamer Pictures: Instagram Clone

Well so much so that she actually recorded, within five days, a music video (no details about it provided), with a player and sensual look, wearing very colorful wigs; A bizarre character featuring Sebastiana, who will be playing in one of the episodes of the fourth season of “Us Rooney”, which starts in July, has appeared on Multishow. He is also promoting his first movie of his career, “Carnival”, which will be shown next Tuesday on Netflix; On top of that, she went through a drastic transformation, from a platinum blonde with short hair to a brunette with long locks, to another secret character – perhaps from the series that will start recording on the same streaming platform.

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– I am a killer blond, but it takes a lot more work to care for platinum hair. Since I’m a very crazy life, staying with him was brown, and my natural language, it was more practical – she says, saying it realized when I established herself in the drama: – When I was a kid, I didn’t have this internet world. We wanted to be a presenter or an actress. I achieved!

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Sebastiana: A New Character In
The distinction of being Sebastiana: a new character in “Os Rooney” Photo: Clone

Criticisms of the epidemic

Gkay assures that he was not let down by criticism for taking participants from “BBB 21” to register at his home in São Paulo: “It was only one per week, all tested (for Covid). There was no conglomeration. My name got into trending topics when it was eliminated. Someone, and I ask the person not to visit him. Internet users are heavy, but I don’t care about the hate. “

With Thaís Braz, who
With Thaís Braz, from “BBB 21”: Image Dubbing: Reproduction

BBB the future?

The influencer was invited to the “BBB 20” team, but was not accepted due to professional commitments. “I love the program and have become more addictive during the epidemic. I want to be invited again! There will still be an era of“ Jakai Reality. ”I need to live this experience and say“ I did everything I had to do. ”When I enter one, I’ll want to adjust several facts.

Com Sarah, I do
With Sarah from “BBB 21”: Little Dances Photo: Clone

Idol friend

Under the influence of Whindersson Nunes, the girl from Solânea (PB) begins to dedicate herself professionally to the digital world. Today, the two are friends and theater partners in the comic “Os Roni”: “He is still a reference for me. Help me, give me advice … I reflect him in every way. I chose the right person to be my role model!”, He praises.

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With Whindersson in a humorous scene
With Whindersson on the scene in the comic “Os Roni”: Friend and Idol Photo: Edu Viana / Disclosure

The Glue

In “Carnival”, recorded in the real scene of a party in Salvador, before the outbreak of the epidemic, the actress plays the role of Michel Pereghetti, who goes out to get an overview of the boxes. “The more famous you are, the less kissing you, that’s the reality. So, I have to act. I send a direct and sticker photo showing how beautiful I am … I’m a player. Just every time I kiss, I think it’s forever.”

Michel: Beijoqueira is not Salvadoran Carnival
Michelle: Keyser at the Salvadoran Carnival (Photo: Desiree do Valle / Netflix / Disclosure)