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Effective vaccination and rapid recovery in the United States – Comment

The great recovery of the United States economy – which economists must reach this month as a “turning point” in overcoming the crisis – should set a precedent for government officials. The situation allowed health and therefore millions of people to be affected and hundreds of thousands to die. The resumption is the result of government action aimed at protecting the health of the people and reviving the economy. With a focus on courage, efficiency and above all, the policies of President Joe Biden’s government are beginning to pay off.

The 9.8% increase in retail sales in March compared to February is one of the indicators of a strong recovery, reinforcing forecasts of a 7% growth in U.S. GDP this year, the best result since 1984.

Results from a combination of growth factors. The weather has improved, new stimulus payments have helped, unemployment has fallen and consumers are more optimistic.

Among other positive data is the improvement in consumer sentiment measured precisely by the University of Michigan index. The reduction in claims for unemployment benefits shown by the Department of Labor indicates that the labor market is strong.

On the business side, builders ’confidence soared in April. Although it increased by 1.4% in March compared to February, industrial production was 1.0% lower than a year earlier. By recovering trade, industry rates will be higher than before the epidemic.

The stimulus package initially approved by the Biden administration, which has poured more than $ 1 trillion into the economy, is having a major impact on the recovery. But the primitive role of the vaccine in restarting is also clear. The daily average of vaccinations is already 4 million – in Brazil, it does not reach 500 thousand people a day – probably, by the end of July 80% of the population will be vaccinated.

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The more secure, the safer people can go; Shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, factories and all companies can operate. Economic activity is intensifying. It’s so simple. Too bad for some government officials.