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Eduardo Costa surge irreconhecível - Foto: Reprodução

Eduardo Costa looks unknown, with a swollen and frightened face

On the recording, Eduardo Costa looked completely different than usual and left everyone surprised

One of the great names of the Brazilian sertanejothe singer Edward coast She stole the show and left everyone admired. It turned out that the artist appeared again where he seemed unknown.

In the photos, the singer appears with bulging eyes and clearly larger cheeks. In turn, the followers were amazed to see photos of famous celebrities performing aesthetic procedures.

Eduardo Costa looked happy in his mansion in Goiás at the time of the recording. However, his new look created resonance and divided opinion. “The guy doesn’t even open his eyes from too much Botox,” “That’s why we need to know when to stop,” “Eduardo, you’re really handsome, you don’t need that,” “I’m scared,” some said.

Print The video in which Eduardo Costa looks unrecognizable has left the audience in shock – Image: Reproduction

Luxury life

In addition to the repercussions of a change in appearance, Eduardo Costa also talks about the luxurious life he leads. The artist has, for those who do not know, a magnificent mansion, located in the Pampulha district, in Minas Gerais, on a plot of 820 square meters, six bedrooms, garage, swimming pool, bar and private wine cellar.

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The decor is very subtle but has the effect of a very modern look with plenty of luxury and the bathroom with a huge bathtub for relaxing. However, the singer offered the property for sale for 12 million Brazilian reais, admitting that he prefers to live in closed condominiums, because he feels safe.

It is worth noting that Eduardo Costa also owns some farms scattered all over Brazil, where he takes the opportunity to rest and enjoy his time with his horses.

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