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Edlaine Barboza, Guipa and Caio Perroni are in the Palace’s fourth danger zone – the record

Edlaine Barboza, Guipa and Caio Perroni are in the fourth danger zone of the palace Who do you want to stay? Vote now on R7.COM (Antonio Chahstian/Register)

once again Turn the test He arrived to move the palace to The great conquest! This time, Edlin Barboza, Giba and Caio Perrone will face the public’s decision and one of them will say goodbye to the program and the dream of the Millionaire Award.

In the challenge, the three conquerors had to put their memory to the test, in addition to betting on agility and relying on luck. The test consists of four rounds, divided into two stages. Lizzie did a good job and put Kayo in to replace her Danger area. The eliminated party will be announced on the live program on Thursday (5). Vote for whoever you want to stay in the game R7.com.

Formation of the danger zone

In the first stage, competitors had to memorize, in the shortest possible time, the icons that appeared on the screen, and fill in the correct blanks on the board. Whoever gets the most icons correctly will get an advantage in the next stage with the Coffers of Wealth.

In the second stage, the safes with mysterious values ​​contained coins, one of which was bought from Danger area. Knowing the largest and smallest values, players opened the vaults and distributed coins.

The participant who collected the most coins was Lizzie! In total there were 1,215 coins compared to 1,075 coins for Guipa and Edlaine. She evaded the popular vote and put Caillou in his place.

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