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Eder is right about Ceni but the team needs to understand the club’s DNA

Eder is right about Ceni but the team needs to understand the club’s DNA

The former Tricolor striker, one of the leaders of the team’s locker room in the time of Crespo and Rogerio Ceni, spoke out in connection with the dismissal of the former coach and idol of Sao Paulo last week.

When asked about the former leader of the Tricolor times, the striker and main name of Avai in the B series did not fail to give his opinion. “I could be here talking badly about Ruggiero, because I’ve played with him a little bit. But he’s a guy who goes through the stages of what we talk about as a coach… What he lacks to be different is the kind of dialogue that Ancelotti, Mancini, being a little more of a psychologist. Of Where the tactics, the technique, the preparation for the game, the training, whatever you ask for on the pitch, he’s different.But I think when it comes to managing the group, knowing how to handle it… He’s a guy who wants to win, always charges 100%, sometimes has to He has to step back from their heads. Here he might have to improve. But he’s a young coach, he’s going to improve and he’s going to have a great career. And he knows that. He definitely has a future, maybe in Europe or the national team.”. – Eder told the UOL portal.

Gentle and cautious, the former Tricolor and Italy national team striker was the one who best translated the reason for the shortness of coach Rogério Ceni’s second period in Sao Paulo. I agree with Eder in regards to group management, something Ceni will gain with time and experience, but I offer a specific warning to all players who come or come to Tricolor: Ceni’s DNA, made up of hard work, requisites, and glories, the foundation’s DNA is identical.

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If Corinthians is seen as a “club of suffering and suffering” and Palmeiras is seen as a “family club”, then São Paulo is seen as a club of work, goals, effort and achievement. It has been this way since its founding, refounding, building Morumbi, CT de Cotia and channeling it through the lanes of people like Chicão, Telê, Raí, Muricy and Ceni. All of them falsified what Sao Paulo Football Club represents to the fans. It is essential that the team, and especially the dressing room leaders, understand what a club is so that they can represent what thousands of fans expect of them.

Just like Eder, I also believe in a great future for Ceni off the field, but now is the moment for a more experienced and welcoming coach. And that this cast gives fans what fans want most: action and accomplishments.

This is why it is the DNA of São Paulo.

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