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Imagem de: Elden Ring: clipe vazado mostra um novo cenário macabro [rumor]

Eden Ring: Leaked clip showing horrific new scenario [rumor]

Last weekend, a video was leaked on 4Chan indicating an unprecedented map in the Eden Ring, Which looks like it should live up to the dark and mysterious atmosphere of FromSoftware’s titles.

The short seven-second video shows a crypt-like scenario or catacombs, in which there are rows of statues (alive?) With swords in some kind of Polish lane. The images are slowly rendered as CGI – a very traditional craft in Eastern RPGs – and take players to explore a place full of graves and hostility, similar to the boss’s area.

The section ends with a more vertical width of a lit area, acclimatized to a circular tower of several floors, with worn columns and vegetation spread out during the recesses. Check out the video below.

So far, nothing has been confirmed regarding the source of the video, and due to its caption announcing a requirement of confidentiality and restricted use of internal viewing, its full – and clearest – details are likely to be revealed in the near future.

What do you think of the video? Will this be a scenario? open world from Eden Ring? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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