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Ed Sheeran mostra trechos de todas as músicas do álbum

Ed Sheeran buys land to rebuild England

Ed Sheeran One of the most influential musicians in the world and one of the greatest British hits. The artist said he has made a personal commitment to the ecological reconstruction of the United Kingdom.

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In an interview BBC Radio Of London (way NME), The singer said, adding that lands are being acquired across the country to make the environment more sustainable by planting new trees.

“I buy as much land as possible and try to plant as many trees as possible. I will try to beat England again as much as I can. I love my district and love the wildlife and the environment.

Photo: Don Mortensen

The star also said he was afraid to bring up the matter. “My work is not very consistent when it comes to playing in the cities, but I feel like I am tearing my head off every time I say this because I am doing what I can.Said Sheeran.

Ed also revealed that he owns a beehive and a large pond in his home in Suffolk. “I have a large beehive. I have a large wildlife pond in which there are nymphs, salamanders, a snake and hedgehogs live..

“It’s important to be consistent and public, and when people support it, suddenly people try to isolate them,” the artist said.

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