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Ecuador's President orders state of exception to halt COVID-19 |  Scientist

Ecuador’s President orders state of exception to halt COVID-19 | Scientist

The President of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, issued a decree on Wednesday (21) an exceptional case for 28 days in the country, which includes a curfew, given the rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Moreno announced on Twitter, that the decree affects 16 of the 24 provinces, and will enter into force on Friday (23) and continue until May 20, and respond, according to the president, to the impact of the virus on adolescents who fill intensive care units, as well as the presence of new types of Virus. Moreno spoke of a “general disaster”.

This measure involves suspending the rights to freedom of movement, association and assembly, as well as the sanctity of the home “to avoid meetings and gatherings.”

Compliance with the restrictions will be monitored by police and armed forces, according to the document.

The decree includes a nine-hour night curfew between 8 PM and 5 AM.

The sale of alcoholic beverages will be banned during the curfew.

Only workers in the strategic sectors, health, and the sale of food and medicine, basic services, means of communication and diplomatic service may negotiate.

Telework is also mandatory in the public and private sectors. Face-to-face classes will remain suspended across the country.

For a period of 28 days from the state of emergency, the vaccination plan will not be suspended.

Ecuador vaccinated 179,292 people with the two doses, while 4,21937 received the first, according to official data, Tuesday (20).

Health Minister Camilo Salinas said that around 200 people across the country are expecting a hospital bed to receive treatment for the Coronavirus.