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Earth’s core stopped spinning? Scientists detect changes in the deepest layer of the planet – the flag

the Earth’s corethe deepest layer of the planet, Stop spinning faster Welcome from the worldReverse direction of rotation. This change was indicated by a study based on analysis of earthquake data, conducted by seismologists Yi Yang and Xiaodong Song, of Peking University, China, and published Monday (23) in the specialized journal. nature.

The hot ball the size of Pluto, made primarily of iron, is a kind of “planet within a planet” and is located about 5,000 kilometers from Earth’s surface, according to the news agency. France Press agency.

We were totally surprised [com a descoberta]said the pair of scholars.

Analyzing seismic information for the past six decades, the researchers concluded that its rotation, which it had before faster than the groundMaybe Discontinued around 2009 Since then, the movement has begun in the opposite direction.

The study data, in this case, may indicate that something is likely going on with Magnetic and gravitational forces that drive the inner core rotation. Such shifts could link it to broader geophysical phenomena, such as It increases or decreases throughout the day in Earth.

“We think the central core, relative to the Earth’s surface, rotates in one direction and then the other, like a swing,” the duo explained to France Press agency.

The phenomenon will be periodic

In the paper, Yang and Song explain that the seismic information indicates that the Earth’s core changes the way it rotates – in relation to the planet’s motion – after strange short pauses, Once every few decadesNow, one such reversal may occur.

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“The full cycle of this movement lasts about seven decades,” the scientists added to the news agency, which means that the trend changes approximately every 35 years.

Before the rotation change in 2009, the last change occurred in the early 1970s, and the next change is supposed to happen in the mid-40s, with the cycle completed, according to the Chinese researchers.

Possible consequences

The rotational motion of the nucleus roughly adjusts to changes in Length of the dayminimum differences in the exact time it takes for the Earth to rotate on its axis, scientists detail.

So far, there are few indications around The effect of this rotation on the surface terrestrial. However, the authors guarantee that they are convinced that there are physical connections between all the layers that make up the Earth.

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