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Earn miles and get discounts on airline tickets

Credit card points and airline frequent flyer programs are two of the main ways to get a discount for travel. Check out expert tips from Rodrigo Góes.

Points convert to miles

  • Concentrating most of your spending on your credit card is a good strategy.
  • Points accumulated on credit cards are transferred to airline loyalty programs.
  • “This process is not automatic. The customer has to perform this conversion,” says Joyce.
  • Some credit cards offer more benefits, according to the expert.

Some examples: Pão de Açúcar Card (Gold and Platinum Line), American Airlines with Santanderand American Express and Elo Nanquim card.
Rodrigo goes

Travel more

  • To earn miles when you fly, you must be enrolled in the airline’s loyalty program.
  • Find the benefits of Miles Clubs and join the best offers.
  • To speed up the increase in points, you should keep an eye on promotions to buy or transfer points or miles between programs, and in return receive bonuses.

In some promotions, you pass your points from the bank to the airlines with a reward, which gives you a 100% reward [ou mais].
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Other benefits

  • In addition to airline tickets, miles can be used to pay for other services, such as car rental and accommodation.
  • Miles can also be used to purchase tickets to shows and theme parks.

how to redeem

  • To check points, simply access your loyalty program, in the statement section.
  • Depending on the bank, this can be done through online banking.
  • To do the rescue, Góes points out two specific cases: when you, in fact, need to travel or when a very good promotion appears.
  • It is also necessary to be careful with the validity of miles, which generally have a fixed period for their replacement.
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