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Dynamic Island: How does Apple's dynamic iPhone 14 Pro work?  |  Detective TC

Dynamic Island: How does Apple’s dynamic iPhone 14 Pro work? | Detective TC

apple Introduced their new cell phones From the iPhone 14 line, at an event on Wednesday (7). However, the big news was in the design of the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, with the new format.

The Cupertino giant has introduced a dynamic score that integrates with the system and allows interaction with various applications. But how does it work and what tools do it support? a Detective TudoCellular Went after the information to explain in detail to you.

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September 08

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What does Dynamic Island do?

Dynamic Island – “dynamic island”, in a free translation – has the verbs “to provoke” in two ways. It can interact with the action of some application, or be expanded by the user’s touch.

The notch is enlarged on both sides, with a combination of black pixels and sensors, to provide a smooth experience in animation. The notch can expand when there’s an incoming call, a timer running, or an Apple Music album thumbnail, for example.

Even while the screen is unlocked, the Face ID indicator also “falls” on the screen. dynamic island Instead of the central part of the screen. In other cases, for example, it can be used to show GPS directions or even sports results.

How does the new incision work?

In practice, the “dynamic island” operates through hardware changes in the mass that correspond to the degree. This is all done through two main components: the screen itself and the mobile platform.

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The design of the frame for the iPhone 14 Pro series has been changed, by positioning the hole in a “moving” and clean way. Thus, the proximity sensors can be placed behind the screen in a way unprecedented by Apple.

As for the mobile platform, the Cupertino giant has been able to work on the A16 Bionic chip to allow this type of dynamic resource to run continuously, with little power consumption and no liquidity loss.

It is precisely for these reasons that the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus do not have this feature. Maintenance of outdated screen design and power supplies by the A15 Bionic prevents these models from being able to offer functionality – that is, not even future software updates will be able to allow this.

What are the compatible applications?

Apple has released a list of apps that take advantage of features dynamic island at your event. The main ones are Phone, Music, Maps, Wallet, Voice Memos, Clock and Lyft.

The moving notch even integrates with features like AirPods connectivity, Do Not Disturb and Silent modes, and charging cases. But it shouldn’t just be them.

Apple also invited other third-party apps to be able to create interactive solutions with Dynamic Island. However, the trend is that it will take some time before we see new iPhone 14 Pro feature integrations with more solutions.

So, what is your assessment of the new Dynamic Island as a notch on the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max? Tell us in the blank below.

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