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Durant's historic role revolves around Harden's sacrifices and makes the net open 3-2 against the Bucks with an amazing comeback

Durant’s historic role revolves around Harden’s sacrifices and makes the net open 3-2 against the Bucks with an amazing comeback

a Brooklyn Networks You have rendezvous point against Milwaukee Bucks. This Tuesday, the team won 114 to 108 and opened 3 to 2 in the Top 7 series. Now, you can close your account on Game 6, next Thursday, at 9:30 p.m. (Brasilia), broadcasting via ESPN and ESPN app.

The big stories of the match were the return of James Harden and the historical performance of Kevin Durant.

The 13th jersey, injured in Game 1 of the series, returned to the starting line-up on Thursday due to Kyrie Irving’s injury in Game 4 and was clearly far from ideal conditions.

Harden finished the game with 5 points and 7 assists, after he missed 6 shots he attempted in the first half and went to zero in the first half, the worst mark of his career, whether it was in the regular season or the playoffs. However, in the past period, it had a good effect with plays not showing up in the simple stats.

Kevin Durant gave a historic performance. Jersey 7 participated literally in every minute of the game and finished with 49 points, 17 rebounds, 10 assists and a 15-21 advantage.

Taking advantage of the conditions of an opponent’s star, the Milwaukee Bucks started the game with their foot on the accelerator and opened up a good advantage early on. With a solid defense, using their speed on the counterattack and penalizing nets, the visitors opened 29-15 in the first half.

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In the second quarter, Kevin Durant started to get more into the game and scored 11 of his 16 first-stage points in the 12 minutes of the period, but Giannis Antetokounmpo also shone and led the Bucks to another partial win, this time by 30-28, and a 59-43 advantage. In the range.

In the third quarter, Kevin Durant continued to shine, with the help of Jeff Green, who went to the last period with 6 of 6 on 3 balls, won the partial net with 38 to 28, and reached the fourth inning with the score 87 to 81 for the dollar.

James Harden scored his first points in the game, but continued with great difficulty shooting, and finished the third quarter with one of 9 in overall performance and 0 of 7 for 3 points.

In the last quarter, Kevin Durant continued to do historic things and the Nets kept leaning and touching the scoreboard until they made a comeback after an impressive streak of 7 jersey.

The match was very balanced until the end and the winger continued to score very difficult and unlikely baskets and carry his team to a historic victory in the last seconds.

Kevin Durant: 49 points, 17 rebounds and 10 assists

James Harden: 5 points, 8 assists

– Jeff Green: 27 points, 7-8 3PT

Giannis Anticonmo: 34 points and 12 rebounds

Matches in the series – Nets win 3-2

JoJo 1 – Nets 115 x 107 dollars

JoJo 2 – Nets 125 x 86 dollars

Gogo 3 – Bucks 86 x 83 nets

Gogo 4 – Bucks 107 x 96 Nets

JoJo 5 – Nets 114 x 108 dollars

Game 6 – Bucks vs Nets: Thursday 06/17, 9:30 p.m. (Brasilia)

Game 7 – Networks for Dollars: Saturday 06/19 (if necessary)