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Duke, the therapy cat who calms anxious travelers

Duke, the therapy cat who calms anxious travelers

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Find out how a cat A therapist makes a difference at a busy airport in San Francisco, USA. Meet Duke, the 14-year-old black and white cat who provides warmth and peace of mind to anxious travelers.

An innovative idea to calm nervous passengers

At an airport known for its love of pets, the staff decided to take a unique approach to helping anxious passengers. Duke, the therapy cat, joins the team made up of dogs, rabbits, and even a pig. The goal was to provide a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Duke quickly became a popular attraction at the airport. With her fluffy coat and shining eyes, she prowls the aisles to greet passengers, staff and pilots. Her presence brings a moment of tenderness and affection, even to the most nervous of travelers.

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The benefits go beyond passengers

In addition to comforting passengers, Duke has brought benefits to airport employees. Reports show an increase in morale and a decrease in stress in the workplace. His presence creates an atmosphere of relaxation and positivity for everyone he meets during working hours.

From rescuer to healer

Duke has a rocky start to life, as he is found starving in a stray cat colony. However, his journey changed when he was adopted by a family who recognized his calm and loving demeanor. Since then, he has worked as a therapy cat in hospitals, bringing comfort and happiness to patients.

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Now, Duke is snuggling up as the therapist cat at the San Francisco airport. His inspiring story shows how animals have the amazing ability to calm and bring happiness in times of stress. It’s proof that even those who need comfort can become comforting strangers.

Unmissable visit

If you’re passing through San Francisco, be sure to meet Dukes and other animal therapy animals at the airport. Follow the airport’s Instagram profile at @employee And follow the charming routine of these special creatures. Your visit will be a relaxing and unique experience.

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