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Duilio sees improvement in Corinthians and cites R$15m payroll: 'Even with reinforcements, we cut' |  big circle

Duilio sees improvement in Corinthians and cites R$15m payroll: ‘Even with reinforcements, we cut’ | big circle

program guest big circlefrom SporTV, which premiered on Saturday night, chief CorinthiansDuilio Monteiro Alves, regained his career at the club, of which he was a member since his birth, and analyzed his path as president so far, a position he has held since January 2021.

The son of Adilson Monteiro Alves, an important manager of the club during the period of Corinthian democracy, Duilio will remain in the presidency until the end of 2023. The inclusion of Fiel Torcedor’s vote in the election, although this matter was considered “sensitive””.

– It’s not simple, the fan goes and votes. You must have the right, but we must have the rules. A member must have been a member for five years and be paid on time to be eligible to vote. It is not up to me. I support that, but we have to look at the mechanisms. Could Phil Torsidore be a member of the club? Wouldn’t it be the same? – Asked.

Duilio Monteiro Alves, President of Corinthians, in the Great Circle – Photo: clone

It has to be discussed so that it is a good form for the club without compromising Corinthians. It is something new and difficult. The member owns the club, so to speak. He has paid his monthly fees for ten or twenty years, it is a right that he has earned. There is a legal part to it, too. He added, “It has many effects.”

Duilio answered questions on the most diverse topics that include Corinthians. He talked about Sylvinho’s resignation over 15 days ago, and Change your appearance on foreign technicians, data you already read here on ge.

Watch the Great Circle with Duilio Monteiro Alves, Chief of Corinthians – Block 2

He also explained negotiations with Caixa to settle the financing of the Neo Química Arena. He has taken this agreement for granted since November 2020. He spoke about projects for the stadium’s future.

– Oh Corinthians It will retain, approximately, at least 50% of the revenue until stadium costs are paid. Hence the need to generate more and more revenue. You naming rights Go directly to Caixa Econômica Federal, payment is direct. remains a smaller part of Corinthiansand the idea is that we pay in 17 years.

– That’s a point we talked about, it’s an agreement that was made for two years, there was a pandemic, we now have an audience again. With today’s numbers, just think of game days, 50% will go to pay the premiums – he explained.

New Coimica Arena – Photo: Rodrigo Gazzanel

– House Corinthians she’s amazing. We have a great stadium, albeit an overstated one, but it is the home of Phil. We worked hard to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is not just a football game.

Regarding financing, Duílio mentioned the fact that Corinthians He is still close to 1 billion Brazilian reals in debt, even with the restructuring policy, but he emphasized the fact that today the club, even with heavy names in the squad, has a lower salary list than in 2020, for example. a statement:

– With all these reinforcements we have reduced. We had more athletes leaving. This is Paulinho on the paper. We have a 100% paying sponsor from Paulinho. But I’m thinking about the payroll value, which I’d say spend less than 2020, with Paulinho together. Today I am talking about 15 million Brazilian riyals – commented.

Provot talks about investing in football up to 80% of the club’s income. a Corinthians Today it’s 61%, 62%, so we still have a huge margin. a Corinthians Do not use what is provided in the budget. There are expectations of what we can spend. Although it is planned, we do not spend. It’s a reality. We took 30 or 40 players from last year – he added.

Dulio Montero Alves, President of Corinthians – Photo: Rodrigo Coca/AG Corinthians

Check out the other answers from Duilio:

When was the time of Sylvinho’s expulsion?

– I’ve never seen the crowd Corinthians Criticize the player or coach before the end of the match. crowd Corinthians Support during the game. And that caught my eye, turning away from social media, we’re talking about the fans who frequent the stadium. And outside the social network, most TV shows, analysts, commentators, fans and advisors were public. It has taken on a size I’ve never seen before in football. Hence the decision. It was not healthy. To think ahead, what he was building as a coach. I think in the future people will see what I believed in. There is a chance to return, of course, the doors are open, it’s a fetish. Football is like that.

– I can’t think of remorse. What remains is this. If I’m wrong, if we’re wrong, if it was to go from season to season, there was really less pressure. But we thought the business was good, the relationship with the athletes was good. Even thinking about his story we talked about when the work stopped. From what I know about football, I think we still see him succeed in some clubs, maybe in Corinthians In the future.

What is your football idea for Corinthians?

– I don’t see Titi as a reassembled coach, everyone says. But his moment Corinthians was the Draw”, tied, won from one to zero, but Corinthians Play good football. We saw other teams, from Tite himself, play and others were more interactive. If created. What I see from football is that Corinthians You have to be the protagonist, suggested a game. We can’t confuse the club’s feature, which is the race, it delivers 90 minutes. Now, you can have a defensive or offensive team with this trait. What we are looking for is a team that plays more, characterizes the opponent more. On the technical side, no (does it matter?). I have to follow that in appointing coaches. I think it’s great for the team to play, but with all the racing and dedication that has to be Corinthians.

Do you still dream of working with Titi?

– Titi became a friend, he is a man whom I respect and appreciate very much. A dream of course. I don’t know if I have this chance. I will leave in two years, Tite is in the national team and I hope he will do an excellent World Cup. But I’m dreaming.

Corinthians Are you thinking of becoming a club company?

– Oh Corinthians It does not need the Sudanese armed forces. First, it’s a model that will be discussed a lot, there is a lot that needs to be improved, and I think we will see a lot of confusion because there is a lot of uncertainty in the way the law is laid out. a Corinthians It is the team of the people and the masses. Impossible to be Corinthians to have an owner. And I have no doubt that you can do a good job without having money. Just doing the job right, running politics away, and not letting that part influence decisions, so we did everything without thinking about politics. When doing a good and professional job, everything is as possible as having an owner. You know you have a hard time getting things done, but I have no doubts that you can follow a healthy path without being SAF.

Has the club been searched yet?

– Often, always, every day some large companies appear, investment funds are interested in Corinthians. that Corinthians It is a consumption dream. But we are trying to bring that money in with other partnerships, and other possibilities to come back, without having to sell the club’s involvement.

How did the debt reach a billion Brazilian reals?

Our first challenge is to spend less than we earn. a Corinthians, in 2021, speaking of management itself, had an operating surplus. In 2020, it had an operating deficit. What came with money came out in the same period. Not to mention the financial cost. You have high debts, so you bear the cost of that debt. So in 2020, Corinthians It has an operating income, entry and exit, passive of approximately R$50 million. In 2021 we bring this back to a positive amount of R$50 million. In 2021, what is spent and collected, from management, not including costs, will be a surplus of approximately R$50 million. So we end up, practically speaking, at zero to zero. We didn’t increase the debt, we just stabilized it, and for me that was a huge achievement for the first year. We are living through an epidemic, and Corinthians It was not in good shape.

For 2022, this operating result is expected to be at base R$100 million, rounded. With that, we will be able to pay off some of the debt. This is down to earth thinking. But the important thing is to have a positive cash flow, as Corinthians It has been suffering for a while from not paying bills on time and generating all these processes. That’s the work we’ve been doing, and it’s totally possible. This year the club did not do well, we were eliminated from important competitions, and we achieved a good result. Last year we saw a 40% increase in marketing revenue. So I am sure. Now it’s time to pay off the debt, we don’t need to be in a hurry, we need positive cash flow, spend less than we earn and pay on time.

a Corinthians Don’t you take too much risk?

– We’re talking about an operating surplus of R$50 million, so management would be positive even without TV money. It’s R$15m, the TV budget, so just make that clear so there’s no misunderstanding. This happened with all clubs. We offer new recipes. It is important to understand this. a Corinthians Turns to media and content. We provide a lot of content, and that adds a lot of value to our sponsors. Today we don’t sell space on the jersey, we sell content to fans who want to follow their team, and we’ve produced with our sponsors. a Corinthians He is preparing and will launch a platform for all Corinthians fans to meet.

Speaking of T-shirt and sponsorship revenue, you might find it worrying. But today’s soccer card is less than when I got it. We eliminated tournaments, which did not allow for more revenue. We eliminated 16 players at the beginning of 2021. We brought in other athletes at a higher level, we value the image of the club, and this gives more visibility and content to the sponsor. We have a stronger team, and that’s really an improvement in revenue. Your ranking tournaments. Fifth place brought us more revenue and within three games at the Libertadores stadium.

Is short-term debt worrying?

– Yes, here we are telling the truth to the fans. At no time did you hear from me that things were quiet. We have a billion R$ in debt, we just said that. What I’m excited about. The first year was exciting as well as what we imagined could be done, and it was, and the numbers will come in. For the masses, they will never be fooled, we will always be transparent.

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