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Duilio comments on the position of Rger Guedes in Corinthians and defends the work of Vtor Pereira

Duilio comments on the position of Rger Guedes in Corinthians and defends the work of Vtor Pereira

President Duilio Monteiro Alves was another person to comment on Roger Geddes’ current situation in Corinthians. A constant theme in interviews, whether they are his own or not, the player watched from the bench draw against Deportivo Cali, on Wednesday, and He did not enter the field by choosing the coach For the first time since joining the club Check out the actor’s interview in the video above.

All this in the same week that I had already commented on the rotation put in place by Vitor Pereira, saying: I didn’t even know which game to play Even moments before kick-off. It is all part of the profession in evaluating a manager, Who marked the ninth start in the 1-0 win over Red Bull Bragantino.

“Róger Guedes is a great player, I think he’s our top scorer this season. He made and played great matches and he’s going to help us a lot. That’s it, there’s nothing else”, downplayed the black and white representation in the mixed zone of Bragança Paulista.

Used as a central striker against Red Bull BragantinoRoger repeated several times that he prefers to play on the left wing. In front of Avai after scoring three goals, He said he’s going to work to prove he’s right About the sector you want to play in.

After playing in all the matches in which Sylvinho and Fernando Lazaro were available, the number 9 shirt lost absolute starting status. Before not entering Cali He has already been a substitute in two of Libertadores’ three matches.

“Just as no game has been played, many have not played either, it is part of football and Vitor made it very clear. He’s managed all the players very well so that we have all of them in all the tournamentsDoilio continued.

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