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Duchess Megan of Sussex has apologized for cheating a UK court

Duchess Megan of Sussex has apologized for cheating a UK court

The UK government agency has apologized to a Duchess of Sussex, Megan Markle, for allegedly forgetting emails she and an aide who were in contact with the authors of an unauthorized autobiography about herself and Prince Harry. He said he had no intention of deceiving the judiciary.

Sussex has repeatedly refused to collaborate on the book “Finding Freedom” by Omid Scoby and Carolyn Durant, but Megan publicly apologized in a statement Wednesday, saying the former aide had provided information to teachers in court.

The Duchess’s apology came as part of his lawsuit against the Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL), editor of the UK newspaper The Mail on Sunday, for reprinting parts of a personal letter he sent to his father, Thomas Markle, in August 2018.

In February, Megan won the publisher’s privacy claim against ANL, and the judge ruled that the disclosures were “excessive and therefore illegal” and that there was “no chance of reaching another conclusion after the trial.”

However, ANL denies the decision and says there should be an inquiry.

In their own testimony, Megan and Harry’s former communications secretary Jason Knauf said the book was “routinely discussed” and “discussed directly with the Duchess several times, both in person and by email.”

Knauf said Megan offered many things to share with teachers at a potential meeting, which she discussed with Harry via email.

“I totally agree that we can say we have nothing to do with this,” the former aide told Harry by email. “Similarly, providing the right environment can help spread some facts.”

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In his own testimony, Megan apologized for misleading the court regarding Knauf’s relationship with Scoby and Durand.

“Mr. I agree that Knauf provided some information to the authors of the book, and that he planned a meeting with the authors as communications secretary. I do not know the amount of information he shared, ”he said.

“I could not see these emails when I approved the ticket. I apologize to the court for not remembering these transactions at that time. I have absolutely no desire or intention to deceive the defendant or the court.

Megan said in her previous statement that she was unaware of the emails between her and Knauf because the case had not yet reached the disclosure stage, and her lawyers asked that the trial be adjourned due to pregnancy.

“I was in the first trimester of my third pregnancy at the time and had a miscarriage a few months ago and I feel so bad,” Megan said.