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Drone footage reveals giant 'Sea Dragon' fossil found in UK |  The world

Drone footage reveals giant ‘Sea Dragon’ fossil found in UK | The world

Fossil remains of an ichthyosaur have been found in central England, according to Anglion Water, an area-owned water company that is the largest and most complete species ever found in the UK.

Ichthyosaurs are large marine reptiles that resemble the shape of dolphins, but can grow up to 25 meters in length. Images taken by the drone reveal the scale of the invention (See below).

‘Sea Dragon’ Fossil Discovered in England – Photo: Anglican Water / Matthew Power Photo by REUTERS

The 10-meter-long fossil was discovered in Rutland Reservoir in February 2021 and is believed to be 180 million years old.

Joe Davis, a conservationist at the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Foundation, discovered ichthyosaurs during an island’s routine drain in a lake to enjoy new nature.

Archaeologists working on fossils in England – Photo: Anglican Water / Matthew Power Photo by REUTERS

“The invention was absolutely fascinating,” Joe said. “It’s so much fun to learn so much from the discovery and to think that this amazing creature once swam in the ocean above us.”

The Igteosaurs, also known as sea dragons with large eyes and teeth, became extinct about 90 million years ago.

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