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Drauzio Varella: “Personally, I feel offended when they talk badly about SUS” - Marie Claire

Drauzio Varella: “Personally, I feel offended when they talk badly about SUS” – Marie Claire

One man on the schedule for the entire Power Trip Summit. The exception is special, since we are talking about an oncologist Drause VarelaOne of the most well-known and respected doctors in the country, an absolute reference when it comes to public health. In addition to his medical work, he is a broadcaster, speaker, YouTube, columnist, and bestseller author. There is still time to think about how Brazil can help with the issue of vaccines against COVID-19.

Paula Diodorro and Drusio Varela (Photo: Mariana Pekin)

Interviewed by Paula DiodoroSenior Editor in Aesthetic and Esthetician Marie ClaireDrusio has fiercely defended the importance of mass vaccination. All vaccines approved by Anvisa work. We cannot say that the protection is 100%, as we did not yet have time to scientifically prove this data. However, we need to give everyone a chance to be protected. We need to live, and if one of us is better than the other, then this is not our focus, but rather the survival of everyone, ”he also warned against failing to manage the health crisis on Brazilian soil.

Brazil was an example to the world in the fight against AIDS, due to the actions of the government at the time. We have shown to many countries how efficiently the fighting is being carried out. Decisions have to come from the federal government, something that should have happened since the start of the coronavirus crisis. Today, we have no order to do that, “stressed, one of the main voices of the HIV awareness project in Brazil.

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According to him, the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 went well, but it did not “convince” the population. We did not fail to communicate. Once the World Health Organization, the World Health Organization, found that the mask was protected, we released the information. But it is the politicians who determine how the battle should take place. They are the ones who need to lead the way. When we struggled with the HIV pandemic, the government at the time brought together a group of experts to pursue a solution. See, Brazil was poorer and SUS was very young and without a lot of resources, “he recalls, who says he feels offended when someone complains about the Unified Health System.” Personally, I feel offended when they talk about SUS so badly. We can point out the flaws and try to solve them, but to say that SUS is bad, I don’t admit it. “

As for the future of the epidemic, Drusio is certain: As long as we do not convince the population of the importance of wearing a mask and social distancing, we will not have an “end” to the crisis. “It would be ideal to convince residents to wear a mask and stay home on a large scale. Of course, the economic situation is bad and you cannot hold out for long, but these“ back and forth ”restrictions don’t work. It’s like wiping the ice. If everything is shut down, cases drop. Then open everything and the cases will increase again .. This accordion tragedy does not work. He concluded that what solves the epidemic is not just vaccination, but the mask, and the distance and positions of public authorities.

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Dr..  Drusio Varela (Photo: Mariana Becken)

Dr.. Drusio Varela (Photo: Mariana Becken)

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