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DR is complicated with them!  The four most sensitive signs of dialogue

DR is complicated with them! The four most sensitive signs of dialogue

For any relationship to work, whether it is loving or not, the a dialogue It is essential. In conversations one can get to know the other, align priorities and goals, and set limits on the relationship.

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However, some people find it difficult to speak. That is, some begin to fight and raise their voices, while others find it difficult to hear criticism, and still others let themselves be carried away by emotion.

Knowing how to reason rationally is a skill. And not all Signs I was born with it. Read on for the signs they’re hard to talk to!


For a Cancer, having any serious conversation is difficult because they are so emotional. This means that they may end up crying, hurt and not wanting to talk anymore. For a dialogue with a Cancer person, you need to understand that he is sensitive, and be more careful with words.


One of the big things about Scorpios is that they are mysterious and interactive. In this sense, they are very reluctant to say what they really think and feel. Also, when they feel attacked, they become very defensive instead of listening to criticism more rationally. To talk to them, it is necessary to confirm that you are on the same side.


Capricorns have a hard time having a good conversation. After all, they are a little too caught up in their own feelings. So if the moment calls for them to be open and vulnerable, Capricorn will want to end the conversation quickly. That is, one must be patience And gain their trust little by little.

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Aquarius people have little patience. They don’t like to deal with other people’s feelings and sometimes they don’t really want to talk. Also, they can be a bit authoritarian, imposing their lifestyle on others. To talk to them, you should be more practical.