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Dorival Júnior is right on Flamengo, you just have to have a memory to understand - 09/05/2022

Dorival Júnior is right on Flamengo, you just have to have a memory to understand – 09/05/2022

Dorival Junior and Flamengo were not happy with the 1-1 draw with Ceara at the Maracana.

Varella and Pulgar need to play to gain the rhythm of the game and the relationship with their new teammates to enter into the team rotation suggested by the coach. They arrived in August, premiered in September and the season ends on November 13. But they did not do well in their debut, the Chilean midfielder’s appearance from the start of the match.

But Ayrton Lucas did not need to let them go on their own in defence, rebounding from a corner kick, to lose the ball in the area and set up an opponent’s counterattack that ended with Joe’s goal. At the end of a very bad first half for the mixed team, with Santos, David Luiz, Leo Pereira, Gabigol And more reserves.

So much because of the presence of Diego Ribas. If Vidal and Joao Gomez are preserved for the return of the Libertadores semi-final against Velez Sarsfield, why not use Thiago Maia, who is hanged in the Libertadores and will not enter the field on Wednesday? We know that because of group management. Not playing the number ten and captain, not even in the “B team” is to create problems in the locker room.

To make matters worse, the four winners who entered the first-half comeback showed an incredible emotional unwillingness to build a comeback that would be natural after the equalizer with Gabigol just seven minutes into the second half, especially Joe’s expulsion in the 16th minute.

29 minutes plus an additional 9 minutes for a quiet play and determine the victory that puts the team behind the leader by five points Palmeiras. Ciara’s goalkeeper, Joao Ricciardo, had advantages in his five saves, two great ones in a kick from Pedro and a header from David Luiz at the end. But the rush that caused unnecessary errors, linked to poor refereeing that allowed for the counter-game, hampered as much as Gabigol’s foolish expulsion, once again. Another evidence of the psychological fragility that can cost money in the finals and that the team is likely to face in the Cups.

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The result was terrible, but it does not cancel the planning of the coach and his committee. Dorval is right. Only you have a memory to understand.

He commanded the team in 14th place “legacy” Paulo Sousa and his poor job, which included giving up minute control on the athletes’ field, always climbing the best possible team to retain the position. Wearing more of a team already hampered by errors in physical preparation, physiology and the medical department in 2021, which left the team up broken in the Libertadores final.

Locker room problems remain, with players unhappy with playing too little, or off-center. Dorival found the solution, once Vidal and Everton Cebolinha were released to play, forming two teams. The letter ‘A’ is for hearts and ‘B’ is for Brazilian. This way everyone can play, each in their favorite role, without too much improvisation. Additionally, the routine of one full match per week will empty the medical department and improve physical performance, which naturally leads to technical/technical development.

Why did the Brazilian stay in the background? Because of two main drawbacks: the negative points left by Dorival’s predecessor, as well as Palmeiras’ regularity, which is undeniable. In 2019, Jorge Jesus’ team achieved four consecutive victories that led Flamengo to the lead in points, in the fifteenth round, defeating Ciara 3-0, and not losing it again. The following year, five wins and a draw were enough to advance Internacional in the penultimate round and confirm the title in the final, even with the loss to São Paulo.

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Now, the team has averaged six straight wins at the turn of the turn and stays nine points behind the leaders, who have won the same number of games in the period. There was an opportunity to reduce the advantage in the last three rounds, but the planning, once prepared again there, must be followed meticulously.

Also because it is difficult to imagine a team fighting for the Brazilian and participating in the finals of the Copa del Rey and Libertadores, as Flamengo must confirm the case soon. In the week of the National Knockout Decision, the reserve team will need to solve three rounds. The day before, the weekend in between, and the one that follows, with the hangover of the title or the grief of loss. Palmeiras and Atletico Mineiro, the last champions, were easy to determine after the Brazilian knockout.

All this with Palmeiras in turmoil at the moment, without winning four games, but then Juventus will be at home, a week to rest, then Santos also at Allianz and ten days of FIFA history to be chosen by Abel Ferreira. Cutting and reorganizing the team for the final sprint of the season.

It’s a very steep slope to a job with its own problems and idiosyncrasies. It is no coincidence that no team has achieved the true Brazilian Triple Crown. Everything has to line up from the start and the cast crew. He could not even Jorge Jesus, in the magical red and black year of the century.

The season should continue to be the season of recovery. Focus on the cups and running the G-4 in the Brazilian. And the errors of direction, from the unfortunate selection of the coach at the end of 2021, through the lack of support in the leadership of the actors, to the long wait for Oscar without a B-plan to replace Arascaeta, cannot be forgotten. And also the third striker, from the moment Bruno Henrique was seriously injured and Pedro became a key player. With Lazaro sold and Gabigol and Pedro suspended, who will play in attack away from home against Goias?

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It’s easy and simple to demonize Dorival, blaming the coach for his success. If the team comes close to two decisions and takes second place in the Brazilian table, it is because of planning. Getting out of it puts everything at risk and saves old problems. Staying there is also not a guarantee of titles, since there are opponents, match conditions, disability, and also a council that considers a psychologist in the coaching staff superfluous.

Fans have the right to dream and demand the promise that “when they organize themselves financially, they will not be defeated.” However, it is necessary to remember the chaos that prevailed at the Flamengo until June, to understand that there is a captain of the Brazilian who fluctuates, but little, and accept that year, unless there is only a 180 degree turn. football Able to provide, they are not for the triple crown. But with two titles, or just the Copa Libertadores, it will be a historic match.