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Researchers say cuts to research funding are affecting science

Donation benefits SUS patients

Representatives of Rede Vale Verde and the Federal Highway Police visited the Evangelical Hospital in Londrina a few days ago to donate hygiene products, and items that will be made available to SUS patients and caregivers. Pictured, during the delivery, are Camila Hirata and Rodrigo Gomez, of Rede Vale Verde, Lincoln Magalhães and Carmen Turri, of Evangélico Hospital, and representatives of the Federal Highway Police.


Hats and slippers for donation by the elderly of the campus

A group of volunteers associated with the pastoral care of the elderly in the Nossa Senhora Aparecida Sanctuary, in Vila Nova, Londrina, made 150 wool hats and slippers to donate. They have been helped by the Lions Club Londrina Igapó and will therefore be able to help two institutions: Nuselon and Lar das Vovozinhas. This dedication to the members of the Shepherds is already known in the sanctuary. In addition, volunteering has been carried out very safely, due to the entire coronavirus pandemic, they have developed the items indoors. On the verge of turning 70 as a parish and 25 as a safe haven in 2022, the site has a history dedicated to helping vulnerable families. The Sanctuary team prepares to celebrate the jubilee year that begins in October, relive the stories of the pioneers. Before that, journalist Fabio Loburini, who wants to turn all this into a memorial book.


Londrina, who drew several times and lost twice, and has not yet won, in Series B, is also the penultimate place, in the relegation zone, but has one point more than SPFC, in Series A. He will be a tough opponent, Tubarão needs to play as if The team has 22 on the field! Fans remember Milton Furuta and Alfredo Anisio de Moura: win or win. The Nautico team has been, since Monday night, staying at the Bourbon

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Miss Nikki Kids

E-leven Eventos Agency, affiliated with promoter Bárbara Corrêa Nakatsukas, recently held a Miss Nikkey Kids and Miss Nikkey Teen São Paulo competition. There was also the election of Miss Nippon in the youth category in an online system. The broadcast was broadcast live by Mega Model in São Paulo. Candidates’ photos and testimonials were recorded and transmitted in this live broadcast. In total, 21 descendants of Japan participated. Over 3000 people watched the contest, which is still available on Youtube, (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXWxPf4VoCI). The missing were crowned the next day at Nippon Country Club, in Arujá. In the photo, organizer Barbara Corey Nakatsukasa with 7-year-old Isabella Yukari Mimoto Miss Nikki Kids.

Donation benefits SUS patients

Bellinatti and Silvio Correa da Silva

We have received the following text and photo from our esteemed reader Eduardo Antonio Correia da Silva: “As a columnist for the Folha de Londrina, bearer of a large collection of the history of Londrina, I send to you, enclosed, the portrait of Mr. Antonio Casemiro Plinati, the former mayor of the city, as correspondent, conducted An interview with my father, Silvio Correa da Silva (died 1968), then Director of the Federal Network of General Stores AGEF and Director of General Warehouses of the Coffee Trade Center, in the administration of the late President Mr. Olympio Nogueira Montero. Congratulations for your column “Thank you very much.

Donation benefits SUS patients

Here’s what’s been missing: bots pick employees

Believe me, bots screen job seekers in the United States. Programs that analyze words and deeds have been used for thousands of interviews with men and women of all ages looking for work. Even the tone of voice and body language of the candidate or candidate is taken into account by the robot. O time, O customs! As the Roman Cicero said.

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Aristeu Dias stopped me at the Banco Bradesco branch, in the center (which is modern), to congratulate me on the shaft and the current quality of LEAF, and asked: “When will Joquei Clube de Londrina return with his equestrian activities”. We don’t know, let’s try to find out, that’s what I said and I thanked Folha de Londrina for the compliments.


He said in the House of Representatives: Turtles do not climb trees, they climb trees. When that happens, it’s either a flood or it’s practical! I heard this from Claudio Zidane, a very intelligent and enlightened political and public commentator at Rádio Bandeirantes.


UNICEF reported that Brazil has five million primary students out of school in Brazil!


Banks are the same all over the world: they want to make more and more profits. In London, at the branch of Goldman Sacks Bank in the USA, bank employees receive 8.9 working pounds. At the Mac Donald’s branch in the English capital, they receive £10.75 an hour. The bank achieved profits of 11.7 billion dollars last year.


Eletrobras, known for some time as “one of the boobs of the government”, have been losing money and for years. Brazil spends $21 billion annually to cover “holes” in state-owned enterprises.


The US ambassador to Brazil, Todd Chapman, will retire on the 30th. President Biden will appoint a replacement. I don’t remember this ambassador coming to Londrina at all.

in French

Many people “take out the French” from some parties. Why did you make this expression? That’s because the French don’t have that thing of saying goodbye to everyone, goodbye to everyone, they just grab their handbag and drop it. They explain that the reason is that they have already greeted everyone at the entrance to the reception, party, etc.

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