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Dommo (DMMO3), IRB (IRBR3) and other companies to watch today - Money Times

Dommo (DMMO3), IRB (IRBR3) and other companies to watch today – Money Times

For each Dommo ordinary share, shareholders will receive 0.05 PRIO ordinary share. (Photo: Playback/Domo)

dome (DMMO3) And the IRB (IRBR3) are some of the company’s highlights on Friday (2), after new operations were announced the day before.

The parent company of the oil company has terminated a sale agreement for BeforeOld Petrorio. For each shared share of domeShareholders will receive 0.05 ordinary shares of Before Or 1.85 Brazilian Real, a premium of 6% over the close of the last trading session.

according to domethere must be a delivery to its shareholders of mandatory redeemable preferred shares in shares issued by PRIO (PNA shares), so that the energy company can It will become a wholly owned subsidiary of the founding company.


The IRB Board of Directors has approved the issuance of 1.2 billion new shares at 1 R$ per share. Thus, the company raised 1.2 billion Brazilian riyals.

Shares will be traded on b 3 As of the 5th of September, the physical and financial settlement of the shares will take place on the 6th of September.

new capital IRB It becomes R$5.4 billion, divided into 2.4 billion common shares and a preferred share of a special class held by the union, and golden share.

Alliance Suna

The Alliance Suna (also 3) that it had entered into a contract to sell its entire stake in two parts molesand Boulevard Londrina Shopping and Boulevard Shopping Vila Velha.

Total divestitures reached R$176.7 million, with a maximum rate of 8.7%, based on Estimated NOI (net operating income) for malls for 2022.

Oncology clinics

The Oncology clinics (ONCO3) has partnered with Unimed Nacional to build a cancer hospital in São Paulo.

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According to the statement, the Cancer Center in São Paulo will have an area of ​​40,000 square meters, near Important roads in the city with distinctive visibility and easy access.


The Brazil Shell and the root (root 4) entered into a partnership with the University of São Paulo (USP) to produce renewable hydrogen (H2) from ethanol Submitted by Raizen, inform comp This Thursday.

*Collaborated with Diana Cheng, Yasmin Rao Paiva and Renan Dantas with information from Reuters

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