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Dog removes woman’s eyelid after attack in US; Pictures are powerful | Unusual world


23-year-old Kelsey Salmon lost her eyelid after a dog attack

Kelsey Salmon, a 23-year-old beautician from Atlanta
, in the state of Georgia-USA, need to obtain eyelid
It is sewn back in your face after your dog has bitten you.

The young woman was putting on makeup for her birthday party, and while she was petting the dog, the animal attacked her face. Kelsey then spent her own appointment in the operating room at the local hospital.

“I heard Puppy
Barking in the bedroom. The Chihuahua ran and jumped on the bed. I started petting him and everything was fine. Then, out of nowhere – it happened so quickly that I didn’t have time to back off – he jumped up and bit me in the face and broke my eyelid,” the young woman explained.

is yours Eye
It was kept closed for 10 days without opening so that you can restore movement in the eye area. “I’m so lucky it didn’t catch my eye. It could have been a thousand times worse.

Kelsey explained that he doesn’t know if the surgery will be successful because the doctors have never reconstructed a file eyelid
Before. “They were in uncharted territory. They were optimistic, but the odds were against me.”

From now on, the cosmetic relationship with dogs will never be the same. “This experience made me look at dogs differently. I have dogs myself and don’t think of them any differently because I know they won’t randomly attack me.” puppies
Of all, I’m hesitant. Dogs are highly unpredictable, I can see that now and I’m very cautious as a result.”

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