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Does closing phone apps really save battery power?

Does closing phone apps really save battery power?

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Have you ever wondered if closing all apps on your phone really helps save battery power and makes your phone run faster? Many people believe in this idea, after all, who has never felt comfortable closing all open applications at once?

It is also common to believe that this practice can clean up a device’s RAM and improve performance. But does this really work? Let’s find out the truth!

Save battery charge when closing apps

The answer: not necessarily! In fact, closing all the apps on your phone can drain the battery. This is because many apps need to keep running in the background to function properly, such as music apps or GPS apps. When you close them completely, the smartphone will need to be unlocked again the next time you want to use it.

In addition, in modern mobile phones with updated systems, RAM management is done automatically and it is not necessary to manually close open applications.

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What the experts explain

Apple engineers claim that you only need to close system applications if they fail or suspect a virus. Contrary to popular belief, background apps do not greatly affect your smartphone’s battery. Rely on the operating system’s battery management, which freezes app activities when they’re in the background, consuming very little power.

Force stopping an app will consume twice as much power and drain more battery the next time you open it. So let the OS take care of it!

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Tips to save your cell phone battery

Here are some helpful tips to help you save your cell phone battery:

  1. Reduce screen brightness: Reducing the screen brightness can save a lot of energy as the screen is one of the most consumed components.
  2. Activate the power saving mode: Most smartphones have a power saving mode that automatically reduces the device’s power consumption.
  3. Disable GPS location: GPS is a power-hungry feature. When not using location-based apps, disable GPS to conserve battery life.
  4. Close background apps: Many apps keep running in the background, even when they are not in use, consuming cellular power. Regularly check and close apps you don’t need.
  5. Update your apps and operating systemUpdates to apps and operating systems often bring improvements to device performance and energy efficiency. Always keep your cell phone up to date.
  6. Take care of your cell phone batteryAvoid exposure to extreme temperatures and avoid leaving your phone charging for long periods of time, as this can reduce battery life.

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Remember that these tips help optimize battery consumption, but closing all applications is not necessary to have good autonomy.