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The patient recovers after removing 233 pieces of the stomach

Doctors remove 233 pieces of a patient’s stomach, including batteries, coins, glass shards, and screws

Doctors were puzzled by the condition of a patient who was recently treated in Ibekulu (Turkey): Hm Exactly 233 items were removed from the 35-year-old’s stomach, including coins, batteries, magnets, screws, bits of glass, stones, nuts and bolts..

Burhan Demir took his younger brother, known as Z., to the hospital after he complained of severe abdominal pain.

But when the doctors did endoscopy, ultrasound, and X-rays, they were surprised to find all the items. Metro reported that the patient underwent emergency surgery at the same medical center.

“During the surgery, we saw that one or two screws go through the stomach wall. We saw that there were two pieces of metal and two different sized stones in the large intestine. We found that there were batteries, magnets, screws, coins, glass shards, screws.. We clean your stomach completely”Said one of the surgeons involved in the operation.

The patient recovers after removing 233 objects from the stomach Image: Reproduction

“It is not a situation that we see in adults, it mainly occurs in childhood, where foreign bodies are unconsciously swallowed”he added.

The patient should undergo a psychological evaluation.

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