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Do you want a job at a startup company?  Check out some current vacancies

Do you want a job at a startup company? Check out some current vacancies

Model Work in startup It allows for more independence, but this feature also comes with a lot of responsibility. What awakens the desire of many people is the possibility of work home office. So, see some startups with open positions and take the opportunity to sign up for selective operations.

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All startups are here in Brazil. Many professionals in the country are looking favorably on the business model. That’s why there are a lot of people stepping down in large companies to devote more time to innovative work.

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Working in a startup has made many professionals achieve rapid growth within companies. This is because the business model is more open and more participatory. And good ideas tend to be more valuable.

But you can already see that a professional who wants a job at a startup needs to be ready for just about anything, which requires a multidisciplinary approach.

So, see some Brazilian startups that have good opportunities for professionals from different fields. Let’s start with Clicksign. There are 17 vacancies at the moment, working from home in technology and sales. Applications are submitted via the company’s careers website.

There is also a vacancy in startup Casai. Opportunities are open for technology professionals, support analyst, financial manager, content coordinator, and more. Interested parties can find more details on the startup’s website.

Have you ever heard of the king of pitako? It is intended for football fans, who advance the teams in every round. And they get points based on the player’s performance in real matches. The startup has 10 points. Registration is also available through the startup’s website.

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If you want to work at a startup, be sure to look into vacancies Available. Search the official websites of each, or via LinkedIn as well.