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Do you take your mobile phone to the bathroom?  Be careful not to get sick!  – health

Do you take your mobile phone to the bathroom? Be careful not to get sick! – health

The excessive use of mobile phones raises concerns in various aspects, but there is one aspect in particular that has not been noticed as such – the devices are vehicles for contamination with microorganisms (a study by the Centro Universitário Devry Metrocamp, in Campinas, indicates that they can accommodate more than 23 thousand species). And for those who usually take their cell phones to the bathroom, stay vigilant – research shows the possibility of bacteria buildup from feces and, as a result, the development of various diseases. Analyzes show that the equipment is dirtier than the toilet seats themselves.

Hands are in constant contact with microorganisms (such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi) and are known to be channels for infection, which also happens with phones. Scientists are studying the topic and it has already been shown that devices can be contaminated with different classes of disease-causing bacteria, such as Escherichia coli, which originate from human feces and cause diarrhoea; Staphylococcus, which is responsible for skin infections. Actinomyces cerevisiae, which causes diphtheria and tuberculosis; Enterococcus, which can cause Meningitis. and Citrobacter, which can cause urinary tract infections.

The situation is even more serious given that many of the pathogens that phones can carry are resistant to antibiotics, as has been scientifically proven, making conventional treatment impossible. Many of the diseases infected in this way include infections of the skin, intestines, and respiratory tract, including life-threatening infections.

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The materials from which mobile phones are made can also contain and transmit viruses. For example, the common cold virus lives on plastic surfaces for up to a week. The devices can also harbor rotavirus, which causes stomach infections in children, and the COVID-19 virus itself.

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One way to avoid the problem is constant hygiene. It is essential to clean the surface of the device with isopropyl alcohol, in addition to always keeping your hands clean. No soaps, detergents, or alcohol gels are indicated. It is also recommended to use soft, lint-free fabrics and avoid abrasive washcloths and wipes, paper towels and similar items.

It is also important to clean the covers, which are notorious for accumulating dirt. In this case, if it is made of plastic, silicone, or similar materials, you can apply soap and water and let it dry. Other materials, such as leather, should be cleaned with specific products.