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Do WhatsApp usage fees have a start date?  look here!

Do WhatsApp usage fees have a start date? look here!

The Goal – The company responsible for The WhatsAppInstagram and Facebook have announced that they will be launching the paid version of the messaging app very soon. the name of the thing WhatsApp Premium, The service has not been officially announced yet, however, some information about it has already been circulated. Find out what they are below!

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When will WhatsApp billing start?

Many people even want to know what it is Release date of the paid version of WhatsApp. In advance, it is necessary to clarify that the service does not have a start-up deadline. What is known is that it will be for messenger users with an extension Business.

In addition, in the new version of WhatsApp, the user will be able to associate up to 10 devices with the account and create links with the name of the company in the URL. In short, it will be an “improved” way to stream WhatsApp Businesswhich allows up to 4 devices at the same time and the option to add links.

In other words, the focus will be on business owners and individual small entrepreneurs (MEIs) who use the app to attract customers and close sales. About the value, this issue is still unknown, to be resolved only when the service is launched.

fake news From the new WhatsApp

WhatsApp Premium hasn’t been launched yet, but that hasn’t stopped criminals from spreading false news about it. One of them has the following “alert”:

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“Confirmed… Free messages will expire tomorrow, they will start charging WhatsApp at 0.37 cents. Resend this message to more than 3 groups, and it will be free for life. Pay attention to the ball, because it will turn green, do it and see. I sent it.” Already “.

According to WhatsApp advice, this message it is not real. The company has confirmed that they do not charge a penny for sending messages, being something completely free. All it takes is for the person to create an account on the app and have an internet connection to have conversations with their contacts.