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Discover the secrets of the air fryer that no one told you

Discover the secrets of the air fryer that no one told you

Electric air fryers (air fryers) are one of the kitchen items that have revolutionized the way food is prepared. However, there are some secrets that no one has told you, but that you need to know.

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Airfryer Secrets: Use the Frozen

You may not know this, but frozen foods tend to be better if made in an air fryer. Foods like this get crunchier and can cook faster. Try preparing frozen foods in an air fryer from now on.

Electricity bill is cheaper

Although some people think that an air fryer consumes a lot of energy, the truth is that the exact opposite is what happens. One of the secrets of saving electricity. They are usually less expensive than most electrical appliances used in the kitchen for the same purpose, such as ovens for example.

– The Airfryer can work as a mini oven

You can even bake cake in it and that’s one of the air fryer secrets you need to know. Well, if the preparation is not too big, then it can be roasted inside the electric fryer without any problem.

Airfryer secrets: flip food

The practicality that an air fryer offers is truly amazing, but it’s not absolute. You need to stir the food, loosen the glue, and stir the food during preparation. This will ensure that it cooks evenly on both sides and in all directions. Always follow the directions for use on the packaging or in the recipe you are following.

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Do not use aluminum foil in the air fryer

Do not use aluminum foil inside the air fryer, it applies to both the food and the appliance basket. Using aluminum foil can block the passage of hot air and impede the food preparation process.

Airfryer secrets: Not everything gets better

Some foods, unfortunately, need oil to fry properly. This means that an air fryer is not always able to replace traditional fats. Pastel, for example, is much better if it is fried in oil.