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Discover Europe exclusively with Rigue Viagens in March 2024

Discover Europe exclusively with Rigue Viagens in March 2024

About Rego Viagines

With 13 years of experience, Rigue Viagens aims to “inspire people to see the world with their own eyes”. The concept is based on ensuring that each person finds their purpose, and that each trip is unique, in its own way, whether to a more remote destination or even a simple moment of contemplation in nature.

The agency, which is considered a reference in cruise trips to places such as Dubai and the Caribbean, as well as crossings, has clients throughout Brazil. This year alone, Rig has had more than 150 passengers on its cruise lines.

Customers are friends and become part of a community that grows with every trip. Countless friendships started on cruises explore new destinations together.

Exclusive variations of Rigue Viagens

One of the advantages of Rigue Viagens is that the company specializes in group travel, offering all assistance and itineraries that have been tested and approved by the team. “We are not a traditional travel agency, we have many ready-made products, we specialize in collections and sell a selection of destinations,” comments Diego Laurendo.

The Rigi method is to take a trip to the chosen destination to conduct field research with the aim of getting to know the place and finding the best tourist attractions and beautiful landscapes. This way, the team can determine if a destination fits Rigue’s business proposition, and only then will it be presented to clients with some travel format.

Diego explains that the agency works with certain travel styles and specific destinations. “We are an agency that only sells a selection of destinations and we first go to the site to find out and then offer the perfect format to our clients,” he explains.

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In recognition of the excellent work provided, Rigue Viagens was awarded an award by MSC Cruzeiros, the largest operator in this sector in Brazil, as one of the agencies that sells the most group trips in the country.