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Director of the Institute of Psychiatry denounces the "inspection" carried out by Chancellor Gabriel Monteiro

Director of the Institute of Psychiatry denounces the “inspection” carried out by Chancellor Gabriel Monteiro

The directors of the Municipal Institute of Felipe Pinel (IMPP), in Botafogo, in the southern region of Rio, denounced an “inspection visit” by Councilman Gabriel Monteiro. According to the health unit, the consultant and his accompanying delegation could have embarrassed and frightened the employees, as well as entering the wards and registering patients in crises and those with mental disorders.

The Municipal Health Department has informed that the case will be referred to the City Council’s Ethics Committee. The council member claims that he was allowed access to the site.

In a disavowal note, the International Communist Party said that during the search, the chancellor entered with a pistol at his waist around 2 pm on the sixth of last month, accompanied by seven men dressed in black and camouflage. All members of the group will hold a camera in their hands and present themselves as public agents in service.

“These men presented themselves as public agents, claiming that they were ‘working.’ However, what was seen was real intimidation and embarrassment for the servants in the exercise of their functions, through the use of force and total disrespect, in addition to our photos being improperly recorded and posted on the networks social,” according to the document. “It is not enough, this footnote was also in the wards registering patients with mental disorders and in crisis, without the slightest regard for morality. This is just a brief description of the horror we experienced last Wednesday.”

In his defence, council member Gabriel Monteiro said he was allowed by the hospital to enter the site and conduct inspections. According to him, the patients themselves denounced the conditions in the hospital.

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One of the managers, after she was arrested, admitted that she had not signed the schedule for a month. However, he received public funds. The doctor’s beating time on the 12th, running at 7,” he said, “the patients denounced the terrible conditions of the installation. Conditioners were put in place for doctors, not patients. They asked that the patients wanted to speak as they claimed that the administration was turning its back.”

This isn’t the first time Montero has made surprise visits to health facilities across the state. During the pandemic, the counselor even entered health facilities without wearing protective equipment, causing crowding, and reached areas designated for Covid patients.

The Rio City Council’s Ethics Board said in July that it was working to settle six complaints relating to Gabriel Monteiro, all situations in which he may have broken decency in his position.