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Dilma postpones the opening ceremony at Banco dos Prix

The former president has continued his trip to China to take charge of the foundation, but wants to wait for Lula to attend an official ceremony

previous president Dilma Rousseff They (the Labor Party) will take over the leadership of the Banco dos Brics this week, even without the president present Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT). However, the official opening ceremony will take place when the CEO reschedules his trip to China.

Dilma will be sworn in as president of NDB (New Development Bank) on Wednesday (March 29, 2023) with Lula in Shanghai. In light of the cancellation of the official visit of the Labor Party, the former president will begin her work this week before officially taking office.

Initially, Lula was going to China on Saturday, but on Thursday (March 23, 2023) he was diagnosed with influenza A bacterial and viral tracheitis. Initially, the government postponed his departure to Sunday (26. 2023), but on Saturday afternoon he announced the cancellation of the diplomatic visit.

Prior to that, Dilma had been traveling to China on the “Airolola”, the main plane for transporting the President of the Republic. Now, he must board a commercial flight or board the Airbus 330 Air Force One, which must pick up the team members responsible for planning the flight details who are already in China.

Lola’s trip to China should be rescheduled for the first half of this year, possibly in May, but there is no confirmation yet.